Course curriculum

    1. Level 1 : Introduction

    2. Understanding Self-Sabotage

    3. Inner Child Intro - Understanding The Child Within

    4. Trauma Response - Idealisation

    5. Download Challenge Worksheet For Level 1

    1. Introduction & What to Expect

    2. Understanding Good Parenting - What good parents Do

    3. Meeting your INNER CHILD!

    4. Trauma Response - Dissociation

    5. Download Challenge Worksheet for Level 2

    1. Introduction

    2. Building Trust with YOUR Inner Child

    3. Conscious Conversations With THE EGO

    4. The art of Negotiating with your Inner Child

    5. Download Challenge Worksheet for Level 3

    1. What to Expect

    2. All About Attachment

    3. Understanding Trauma Bonds

    4. All About Self-Worth

    5. Download Challenge Worksheet for Level 4

About this course

  • $65.00
  • 20 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

Once you enroll...

The course is a combination of pre-recorded content and worksheets for you to attempt at your own pace. Each level will introduce you to different concepts and techniques about reparenting & doing the inner work. You will gain lifetime access to all of the content and worksheets so that you can refer back to the knowledge & practices any time you would want to.

  • Learn to be vulnerable, understand your needs + how to get them met

  • Learn to be assertive & stand up for your needs without feeling guilty or bending over backwards

  • Move towards being secure in your attachment and trust yourself & others

Ready to let go of your conditioning and start a conscious life?